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APRIL 3, 2024

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — CleverPlato announced the launch of its innovative AI-focused marketplace, available across North America. The platform offers a growing number of AI solutions and knowledge resources, specifically tailored for businesses and professionals keen on integrating AI technologies into their operations.

“At CleverPlato, our core purpose is to empower businesses and professionals by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to harness the power of AI-related technologies” says CleverPlato CEO, Phillip Loetter.

Phillip Loetter, CEO at CleverPlato

CleverPlato provides a dual-platform for its business customers. CleverPlato AI Magazine: A resource-rich platform designed to inform, educate and enable businesses and professionals about the transformative potential of AI technologies within their industries. CleverPlato AI Marketplace is a one-stop destination offering a growing selection of AI products and services that span various business functions.

The marketplace simplifies the search for effective AI solutions, ensuring businesses can easily find AI solutions that match their specific needs. The marketplace will substantially grow the number of AI solutions during 2024.

“CleverPlato provides AI solution providers, whether a start-up or large corporation, with a platform to inform, engage and sell their AI solutions to the business market” says Nazier Adams, Head of Technology at CleverPlato.

Nazier Adams, Head of Technology at CleverPlato

To facilitate AI adoption, CleverPlato encourages businesses to undertake a strategic approach that includes:

1. Education and Awareness: Increase understanding of AI to dispel fears and correct misconceptions, thereby laying a solid groundwork for adoption.

2. Strategic Partnerships: Form alliances with AI technology providers to overcome financial and technical challenges, granting access to specialized expertise and innovative solutions.

3. Investing in Talent and Training: Enhance in-house AI capabilities through dedicated training and the recruitment of skilled professionals, effectively bridging the talent divide.

4. Data Governance and Security: Establish stringent data governance and security protocols to alleviate privacy concerns, ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering trust.

5. Incremental Implementations: Initiate AI integration with small, manageable projects to showcase immediate benefits and generate momentum for broader application.

By offering a growing selection of AI products and services, along with tailored educational content for executives and experts, CleverPlato aims to bridge the gap between AI potential and practical application in organizations.

About CleverPlato:
CleverPlato is devoted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services for businesses and professionals. Through its dual platforms, CleverPlato AI Marketplace and CleverPlato AI Magazine, the company aims to inform, educate and empower businesses for the successful integration of AI into their operations. CleverPlato is based in Vancouver, Canada and a brand of PGC – Piilo Group Canada.

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