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PGC Piilo Group Canada delivers cutting-edge technology solutions and services. By prioritizing innovation and efficiency, we help to drive success in industries, businesses and careers.

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Where Opportunity Meets AI.

Explore the forefront of innovation with CleverPlato, your premier eCommerce marketplace dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services. Tailored for businesses and professionals, CleverPlato offers an exclusive jobsite for AI career opportunities and a specialized AI magazine catering to both avid and casual readers. Dive into our comprehensive platform for the AI resources and insights that propel your enterprise to new heights.

Shape Change with Expertise.

Discover the pinnacle of Change Management with CMF’s expertly crafted methodologies and tools, honed over 20 years of international experience across various industries. Our seasoned Change Management Consultants are at the forefront, constantly refining our strategies to ensure they are tried, tested, and trusted by professionals worldwide. Choose CMF for a legacy of transformational success that transcends borders and sectors.

Create Shopify eCommerce Marvels.

Elevate your Shopify eCommerce experience with CP Soft, the leading software development company specializing in application development. Our innovative solutions are designed to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of Shopify stores, whether you’re selling physical goods or digital services. With CP Soft, unlock the full potential of your online store, delivering a superior shopping experience to your customers.

Technology Transitions Mastered.

Embrace the future of technology with our advanced Change Management Services. Specializing in seamless technology implementations, our expert teams ensures smooth transitions for your business, minimizing downtime and maximizing adoption rates. With our strategic approach to change management, we empower your workforce, streamline your operations, and drive innovation. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of technological change and secure a competitive edge.


Elevate Success with Potential.

Empower your business strategy with Talent’s cutting-edge talent management software, designed to align employee performance with your core business objectives. Our suite of talent automation solutions streamlines HR processes, enabling consistent high performance across your organization. Talent is your partner in transforming human resources into a strategic powerhouse.

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