Business Strategies 2023 discussion
Three business Strategies for 2023


Business transformation

Business transformation refers to a step change in operations to leapfrog competitors by achieving defined stretched outcomes. This differs from typical change initiatives focused on incremental business improvements. For business transformation to succeed, it requires clear strategic direction which is translated into transformation roadmaps and implementation plans with targets, milestones and responsibilities. Business transformation transcends the popular term, digital transformation, as it addresses strategy, people, process and technology. Our client projects are focused on driving value, whether it is to:


We follow a structured process, the Piilo Transformation Process or PTP ©, to define and deliver business transformation projects.

Our clients can choose to select and pay for specific phases or drive end to end transformation projects, depending on their readiness to engage in transformation initiatives.

Identify opportunity

Analyse data to define current landscape and opportunities.
Step 1

Define strategy

Define transformation strategy based on analysis and opportunities.
Step 2

Develop roadmap

Develop a transformation roadmap with key milestones and targets.
Step 3

Create plan

Define detailed transformation plans with resources, delivery contracts and budgets.
Step 4

Deliver solution

Manage delivery against plan and budget to achieve the strategy.
Step 5

Realize benefits

Measure benefits against targets while taking corrective action.
Step 6

How Can Piilo Help Your Business?


Change management

Today change is constant and the ability of business to adapt and integrate change has become a key differentiator between success and failure. According to Gartner, organizations expect to multiply major change initiatives they will undertake in the next three years. Yet half of change initiatives fail, and only 34% are a clear success.

We apply structured change methodologies, the Piilo Implementation Methodologies or PIM © to support change initiatives.

We support projects and programs with change management for:

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Piilo Labs

Technology is a key enabler of business transformation. It disrupts industries leaving major players at risk and opening the playing field to new nimble competitors. To support our desire in creating and applying useful disruptive technologies, we are setting up Piilo Labs in Vancouver, Canada. Our aim is to develop solutions with start-ups, SMEs and partners to drive and enable transformation across industries. Our focus is on business automation, AI and Robotics. Piilo Labs will be fully operational in 2023. Piilo continue to invest in selected start-ups and assisting them in maturing their products for market entry.

We will update the website and provide media releases with more information about the Piilo Labs.