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How Piilo Group Delivers Quality Change Management Solutions

Examples of Piilo Group's Successful Projects with The City of Cape Town and Massmart

Quality Change Management Solutions

Einpresswire Online Journal

EPW recently published an article titled “Piilo Group Recognized as Top-Tier Change Management Company,” highlighting Piilo Group’s exceptional ability to efficiently produce quality work that meets its clients’ unique needs. In addition, the article emphasizes Piilo Group’s innovative approach to change management and its reputation as a leading provider in the industry.

About this article:

Through concrete examples of Piilo Group’s collaboration with multinational organizations. The article demonstrates how the company delivers exceptional results that translate into tangible business benefits.

Additionally, the article provides insight into the values and motivations that drive Piilo Group’s high standards for quality and efficiency. Overall, this article is an excellent resource for those seeking a change management provider that can deliver high-quality results.

 Here are the examples of how Piilo Group achieved this level of customer satisfaction:

The City of Cape Town hired Pillo Group to implement new technology, including Employee Time Management System and Self Service HR Portal.

  • Implementing Employee Time Management System:

An Employee Time Management system is a software solution that helps the City of Cape Town manage employee work hours, attendance, and leave. This system makes real-time tracking and driving employee work hours possible, reducing absenteeism, improving employee productivity, and ensuring accurate payroll processing. Piilo Group worked closely with the City’s HR team to ensure the system met specific needs and requirements. Their experience in change management, commitment to quality work, and relationship-building skills helped ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Project Milestones: Change management, Training, Implementation Implementing Employee Self-service HR Portal:

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) System streamlines HR processes and empowers employees to manage their employment information effectively. Piilo Group successfully implemented the ESS system for the City of Cape Town, working closely with HR staff and other stakeholders to deliver a customized solution. In addition, by leveraging its extensive experience in change management, Piilo Group provided comprehensive training to ensure a smooth transition. As a result, the implementation has increased efficiency, reduced administrative burden, and improved employee satisfaction, demonstrating Piilo Group’s commitment to delivering quality HR solutions.

Project Milestones: Change management, Training, Implementation

 Massmart (Clutch, Google) Supply Chain consolidation

About Massmart powered by Walmart

Massmart powered by Walmart is a South African retail giant

The challenge:

Massmart faced a highly fragmented supply chain with multiple distribution centers and warehouses nationwide. This made it difficult for them to efficiently manage inventory, fulfill orders, and deliver products to their stores on time. Additionally, the decentralized nature of their supply chain resulted in higher transportation costs, longer lead times, and increased risks of stockouts and overstocks.

To address these challenges, Piilo worked with Massmart to consolidate its supply chain across several brands by centralizing its distribution operations and implementing a new warehouse management system. This involved providing strategy and change management guidance in identifying the most optimal location for the new distribution center, designing the layout and workflow of the new facility, and implementing new processes and procedures to ensure that inventory was managed efficiently.


The results of the project were significant. Massmart reduced supply chain costs by consolidating warehouses and deliveries, improving lead times and delivery reliability, and reducing inventory carrying costs by optimizing inventory levels.

Project Milestones: Strategy, Change management, Business transformation

 Massmart Technology Consolidation

Massmart had multiple technology platforms, which resulted in inefficiencies and limited visibility into its operations. Piilo’s approach involved strategy and change management to help consolidate Massmart’s technology landscape. This refocused their delivery on innovation rather than support and maintenance of old legacy systems while reducing the cost of ownership of systems and infrastructure.

As a result of the technology consolidation project, Massmart achieved significant improvements in operations. They experienced reduced costs, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. In addition, the IT landscape supported Massmart to become more data-driven and apply data science to grow its market and improve customer engagement.

Project Milestones: Strategy, Change management, Business transformation

Overall, Piilo Group’s work with Massmart demonstrates its ability to efficiently produce quality work that meets client needs. By taking an innovative approach to change management, Piilo Group delivered exceptional results that translated into real business benefits for Massmart powered by Walmart. Their commitment to providing quality solutions is evident in their relationship-building skills, extensive change management experience, and high quality and efficiency standards.

Ekaterina Spooner

Growth Marketing Manager

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