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Change Management Company CEO interview to Industry Leaders

Phil Lotter, CEO of Piilo Group

Phil Lötter is the CEO and founder of the Piilo Group, with offices in Canada and South Africa. He has over 25 years’ of international experience in business management and consulting. Phil started his career as a lecturer in Economics and then joined Accenture, where he worked across industries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America. He was responsible for delivering major change initiatives in corporates driven by strategy and technology. After Accenture, Phil started the Piilo Group to focus on business change and the transformation of corporations and governments. He and his team work with executives to define business strategies, which are then translated into actionable transformation programs to drive change within their organizations or create a step change in their operations to achieve significant and impactful business results. Phil holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and completed various international studies. Phil serves on management committees of major corporations and provides advisory services to key executives.