Internal Marketing in Change Management

What is a Internal Marketing in Change Management?

Internal marketing in change management refers to marketing ideas or products in a business. It supports and aligns with external marketing programs driven by marketing agencies. Internal marketing differs from communication management. The focus is on the promotion of an idea or product. The Marketing Department usually drives internal marketing events. Internal marketing supports product launches, new market offerings, business expansions or promotions.

When to define internal marketing?

Internal marketing plans are defined at the start of a campaign. It uses stakeholder analysis as input to understand how to engage different groups. Marketing is bolder and more creative than internal communication. Marketing opens the opportunity to introduce new communication channels and concepts. Creative communication uses various formats and channels. It needs to align with the company culture and communication purpose.

what are the benefits of Internal Marketing

Good internal marketing enhances a company’s reputation and drives employee loyalty. It is a great channel to get feedback on campaigns before going to market. It creates excitement in a business, contributing to higher levels of employee engagement.


where we used Internal marketing ?


  • Walmart
  • Massmart
  • Petronas
  • Engen Petroleum

industries include:

  • Retail and wholesale
  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing

verticals include:

  • Supply chain
  • Technology
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Corporate strategy
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