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Happy New Year! Are you in a Game for 2026?

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Happy New Year! Implement an innovative change management strategy to maximize the 2026 FIFA World Cup opportunity to unite people behind your brand.

Change Management Strategy FIFA 2026

 In this article, I share some insights from the change management campaigns we ran for major organizations in South Africa as the country hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

In recent announcements, Toronto and Vancouver were chosen among 16 other North American cities to host the 2026 FIFA Soccer World Cup. The 2 Canadian cities will join 11 US and 3 Mexican cities as competition venues for the world’s largest FIFA Cup.

FIFA 2010 South Africa change management strategy

Hosting the FIFA Soccer World Cup presents a unique opportunity for governments and businesses to engage and unite their citizens, employees and customers around their brands, values and communities. To take advantage of this opportunity, successful organizations are already starting to initiate effective change management programs to drive stakeholder engagement.

Inspire people around your brand with the right change management strategy. 

The FIFA Soccer World Cup opens the door to creatively engaging key stakeholders, whether the community, customers, or employees, to build the foundation for long-lasting brand recognition, engagement, and loyalty. Change management campaigns go beyond selling goods and services but build on public and private organizations’ reputations and images. Winning the hearts of your community, customers and employees drive long-term sustainability and trust. Programs are focused on the brand, values, engagement, as well as revenue opportunities of the event. Organizations can create an unforgettable experience for millions of fans with the correct change strategy and leadership. The secret is to start early, be authentic and do it right.

Uplift communities while generating revenue as part of your change management program.

The FIFA Soccer World Cup provides a basis for the inclusion and improvement of marginalized communities. Change management strategies are designed to include the participation of specific community segments, whether to share in revenue opportunities, create community events to drive inclusion or celebrate their contribution to the soccer world cup. Formal businesses can partner with informal sectors and communities to develop unique market offerings or experiences for consumers and visitors. It is an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from other hosting cities to show what is truly Canadian. A well-versed change management campaign on a local, provincial, and national level can positively impact society.

Apply innovation to differentiate your FIFA World Cup offerings.

The event also provides a platform to showcase innovation while differentiating yourself from other businesses, cities and countries. Innovation, whether technology, processes or products, can be tested during the world cup as a pre-curser or activation date for market entry. This can be internal to your organization or external to customers or communities. The world cup makes consumers open to new experiences, willing to experiment and spend money on what we offer. It is also a time to innovate how we engage our employees and communities. Finally, it is a great time to launch new ideas.

Phil Lotter, CEO, Piilo Group