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Create excitement around business programs

Create excitement to drive business program success

Creating excitement around a business program is essential for generating interest, support and participation. Visible programs also indicate the importance within the business, especially if executives drive activities. Whether it is a new product launch, IT program, marketing campaign or any other business initiative, here are some strategies to help generate excitement:

Clearly Define Your Program:

Ensure that your business program has a clear and compelling purpose linked to key outcomes. People should understand why it’s important and how it can benefit them.

Apply Change Management:

Define a robust change management strategy supported by a comprehensive change management plan to drive delivery.

Identify Your Target Audience:

Know who your program is designed for, and tailor your messaging and promotion to resonate with this specific audience.

Build Anticipation:

Tease the program before its launch. Use teaser campaigns, sneak peeks, and countdowns to create anticipation.

Engaging Communication Materials:

Develop visually appealing communication materials using various media, including videos, graphics and printed materials, to convey the program’s value and benefits.

Leverage Social Media:

Utilize various internal and/or external social media platforms to reach your audience. Share engaging content, run contests, and encourage user-generated content related to the program.

Email Marketing:

Send out well-crafted email campaigns to your existing audience and potential participants. Use compelling subject lines and visuals to pique interest.

Create a Buzz:

Organize an event or launch party to kickstart the program. This can be in-person or virtual, depending on your audience and resources.


Collaborate with industry influencers or experts who can endorse your program and reach a broader audience.


Share stories and case studies of individuals or businesses that have benefited from similar programs. This can illustrate the real-world value of your offering.

Early Access or Exclusive Content:

Offer early access or exclusive content to those who sign up or show interest in the program before the official launch.


Gamify the program by incorporating elements of competition, rewards, and recognition. People tend to get excited about games and challenges.

Feedback and Involvement:

Involve your audience in shaping the program. Ask for feedback, suggestions, and ideas to make them feel invested in its success.

Feedback and Testimonials:

As the program progresses, collect and share feedback and success stories from participants. This builds credibility and excitement.

Continuous Communication:

Keep the momentum going with regular updates, newsletters, and progress reports related to the program.

Surprises and Rewards:

Occasionally surprise participants with unexpected rewards, bonuses, or incentives to maintain their excitement.

Measurable Goals:

Set clear, measurable goals and celebrate milestones achieved during the program.

Creating excitement is an ongoing effort and it is crucial to maintain the interest and engagement of your audience throughout the program’s lifecycle. By applying a robust change management strategy and plan, your organization can achieve success.