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Change Management is All about People.

Change Management term describes the process of managing Business Change within an organization. The purpose of Change Management is to focus on people’s side of the change. Our goal is to ensure people will buy and support the change initiative. This will ensure the success and sustainability of change projects .
Aside from the purpose of a change, we need to understand the effect of business change on an employee.

For example, new technology projects, such as ERP implementation, will affect many people.

  • What are the effect on people’s jobs and roles, and how do the teams work?
  • How do we restructure our organization to accommodate the new system?
  • How do we engage people, address fears, and deal with business risks and issues?
  • How do we keep our best staff during change initiatives?
The role of the change management team about Us is to ensure that everyone adopts and supports it.
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For long-term sustainability, businesses need to reimagine their operating models and adapt to rapid change. Piilo help clients to transform their businesses.

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