Change Management for the Supply Chain Vertical

What are the major change management in supply chain?

Excellent supply chain capabilities have become a key competitive advantage across many industries. The supply chain is being transformed by digitization. This includes the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). Digitization is also driving collaboration across supply chains. This is shortening value chain between sourcing to final mile deliveries. Companies are focusing on sustainability of their supply chains. Reducing their environmental footprint while becoming more resilient. Dealing with disruptions have become a priority. Overall, supply chains will continue to become more responsive and adaptable to deal with changing customer expectations and market uncertainty.

What are some of the key challenges the vertical is facing?

Supply chains are facing continued challenges with end-to-end visibility of their pipelines. Leading to delays, stock-outs and overstocking. This impacts operating costs and working capital. Complexity in supply chains, from sourcing to customer fulfillment, makes it difficult to optimize. While digitization provides some relief, it comes at a cost. Consumers are demanding more transparency to adhere to sustainability and ethical requirements. At the same time, regulations are adding to the complexity of managing the flow of goods.

systems implementation include

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Honeywell
  • Other 3rd party business solutions
  • On-premise and SaaS
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

Device implementations

Piilo Group supported the rollout of devices across offices and countries, including printers, handheld scanners, and biometric and mobile devices, to mention a few. In addition, we provided full end-to-end change management services from planning to rollout and user support.


Equipment implementations

Piilo Group supported the implementation of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing. In addition, we provided full end-to-end change management services from planning to rollout and user support.

clients include:

  • Walmart
  • Massmart
  • Petronas
  • Engen Petroleum
  • Builders Warehouse
  • Makro
  • Masscash
  • Game
  • Onecart
  • Barloworld
  • Vodacom
  • Vodafone

What work has Piilo Group done in the vertical?

Change Management for the Supply Chain


Piilo Group has delivered strategy and change management services in the supply chain across different industries.

Functional vertical:

Supply chain strategy

Piilo Group supported clients with the definition of supply chain strategies and delivered programs to implement the strategies. The strategies were focused on 2-5 years to drive cost reductions, increase margins and leverage scale across multiple brands and countries.

Supply chain planning

Piilo Group supported clients with implementing supply chain planning organizations and systems. This includes organization design to resource placement and operationalization of these capabilities.


Piilo Group supported the consolidation of product sourcing to leverage scale and reduce supply chain costs across countries.


Piilo Group supported the development of transport strategies and plans for consolidation and fleet reduction. Cost reduction was focused on leveraging scale and fleet outsourcing. Transport automation includes the implementation of transport management solutions.


Piilo Group supported the development of warehouse strategies and planned to consolidate and redefine the footprint into regional campuses. Cost reduction focused on improved stock management and reduction of stockholding. Increased throughput and vendor participation in retailer-owned warehouses was driven to increase margins (vendor rebates). Warehouse automation included the implementation of warehouse management solutions.

Final mile delivery

Piilo Group supported the development of final mile strategies and plans to improve customer deliveries and experiences.

Supply chain automation

Piilo Group supported implementing various supply chain technologies, including SAP, warehouse management solutions, warehouse automation, transport management solutions and system integrations.

Cost savings

Piilo Group identified and delivered cost-saving programs across supply chain operations from sourcing to final mile delivery. Cost savings were reinvested to pay for new supply chain capabilities.

Piilo Group experience summary:


  • Retail and wholesale
  • Oil and gas
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications


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