Change Management for the Government Industry

What is a Change Management for the Government Industry?

Change management for the government industry can be more complex than in other organizations due to the political, social, and cultural factors involved. In addition, governments have many stakeholders, including citizens, civil society organizations, businesses, and other government agencies. Therefore, change management in government requires a strategic approach that addresses the needs and expectations of these stakeholders.

Government change management requires a strategic approach considering the complex political, social, and cultural factors. In addition, practical stakeholder analysis, transparency, communication, and resource allocation are critical to success.

Piilo delivered strategy and change management for the government industry in the following segments:

    • Local and provincial
    • Federal Government


Piilo delivered change management across the following verticals in government:

  • Technology
  • Human Resources


clients include:

change management for government projects

Piilo delivered strategy and change management across the following departments:


  • Arts and Culture Department
  • Budget Department
  • City Health Department
  • City Manager
  • Customer Relations Department
  • Development Management Department
  • Disaster Risk Management Centre
  • Electricity Generation and Distribution Department
  • Enterprise and Investment
  • Environmental Management Department
  • Events Department
  • Executive and Councillor Support Operations Department
  • Expenditure Department
  • Fire and Rescue Service Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Information and Knowledge Management Department
  • International Relations Department
  • Law Enforcement, Traffic and Coordination Department
  • Legal Services Department
  • Library and Information Services Department
  • Media Office
  • Metropolitan Police Services Department
  • Office of the Executive Mayor
  • Ombudsman
  • Property Management Department
  • Public Emergency Communication Centre 107
  • Public Housing Department
  • Public Participation Department
  • Recreation and Parks Department
  • Revenue Department
  • Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Department
  • Sustainable Energy Markets
  • Treasury Department
  • Urban Mobility
  • Urban Planning and Design Department
  • Valuations Department
  • Waste Services Department
  • Water and Sanitation Department


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