Change Management Audit

What is Change management audit?

We perform company change management audits to determine their change maturity for business transformation projects. A change audit is a comprehensive review of change practices. A change management plan outlines and documents all measurements and resources, while a change audit sets the rules outlining risks and controlling procedures. This includes the use of formal change management methodologies. In addition, it looks at the different applications and skills within the organization. Most importantly, it measures the success of change management in achieving business goals.

When to define a change management audit?

We perform change management audits when a business does not see the benefits of change management. Or when a company wants to grow its change management capabilities internally and externally. Change audits can be done outside projects or initiatives. The aim is to review and create change capability and capacity within the business.

what are the benefits of change management audit?

The major benefit of a change audit is that it provides an objective view of the current state. A business can use the change management audit to drive action plans to improve change project delivery. As well as, growing the maturity of current change management capabilities. Develop appropriate change management skills. Or assess their current change providers’ capabilities.

where we used change management audit?



  • Petronas / Engen Petroleum
  • Walmart/Massmart
  • Sanlam/Santam
an image represents a person doing change management audit

industries include:

  • Financial services
  • Oil and gas
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Technology


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