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Business Strategy

Business Strategy is a way to communicate to employees and stakeholders what the business will focus on for the next 2-5 years. Business Strategy translates the vision into reality. Business Transformation delivers Business Strategy. The Change Management team implements processes, new technology and organizational capabilities. 
Usually, it takes a longer time for companies to design and implement new Business Strategies. Most often, to get a new or different perspective, companies use external consultants as a catalyst to create change in the organization.


How Business Strategy fits into overall Business Transformation Program:

  • The Business Strategy identified critical areas of business focus for 2-5 years. Then, the executive team designs it, often with the assistance of a Business Strategy and change management consulting company.
  • Business Transformation translates Business Strategy into an actionable plan.
  • Business Change is a specific change project that can or cannot be a part of the Business Transformation program. 
  • Business Transformation usually includes technology, process and organizational changes. Whereas Business change is typically narrowly focused on specific outcomes.
  • Business Change Management is a management consulting practice to ensure that change intervention is successful and sustainable. 
Business Transformation, Business Change Change Management explained
Designing Business Strategy

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For long-term sustainability, businesses need to reimagine their operating models and adapt to rapid change. Piilo help clients to transform their businesses.

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